self, by oneself, independently, directed from within


pertaining to construction

a living active architecture

for a sustainable future

The future is a new form of designed artefact interacting and evolving with natural forces.The natural and artificial environments will merge, enabling the built environment to become integral to the very shaping of our planet's future.

Autotectonics provides a process by which architecture and urban design can be created with more respect for the environement, the user and resources.

a way of thinking and a way of Life

Autotectonica, founded in the late 1960s by John Frazer is a loosely affiliated group of like minded people committed to the idea of developing, advancing and promoting radically new approaches to the evolution of sustainable systems for the future

Autotectonica also forms the basis for a new form of design education.

evolutionary digital design

The art and science of designing and creating self-generating, self-organizing and self-sustaining systems, interacting and evolving with the users and the inhabitants in conjunction with the natural forces of the environment.


This website is a resource site documenting the work of autotectonica since the late 1960s. Its aim is to promote the ideas and ideals of autotectonics, through research projects, past and present members, publications and multimedia resources.